Fish Shellfish
Giant prawn ming Chia with shallots 22,00€
According to popular belief, this dish brings happiness to the table. Indeed, the giant prawns are placed in the middle of the dish ; they give the impression of a traditional red paper lantern, a symbol of happiness in China.
Scampi fritters with sweet and sour sauce 19,00€
Symbol of luck and dignity, the phoenix is represented as a creature with the tail of a fish in Chinese legends. This dish has been given this name because of the resemblance between the prawn’s tail and that of the phoenix.
Scampi with Tao-Si sauce "Teppan" 19,00€
The Tao-Si sauce and the seafood are poured on a scorching Teppan, completing the preparation at your table in a joyful crackling and explosion of flavours, which remind you of the old rage of the mystical dragon.
Scampi Setchuan-style 19,00€
Scampi are especially tasty served with crunchy vegetables (leeks, bamboo shoots,…) and a spicy tomato sauce flavoured with fresh ginger.
Scampi with vegetables 19,00€
A simple dish with enchanting flavours and typical ingredients. A gourmet’s delight !
Scampi with red curry 19,00€
Sole "Golden Dragon" 29,00€
Golden and crispy, this maiden of the northern seas is served with sweet and sour sauce, a pinch of ginger and slightly candied vegetables.
Ginger-steamed sole 29,00€
You will be delighted by the spicy and refreshing taste of ginger, adding to this delicate dish a subtle flavour.