Lamb chops with King-Tou sauce 22,00€
Soft and tender lamb chops are grilled and mixed with a mild sweet and sour reddish sauce, lightly hot.
Lambchops in black pepper 22,00€
Another tastier and spicier version of these lamb chops with a perfect tenderness.
Grilled spareribs with garlic and pepper 16,00€
Flavoured with garlic and pepper, this grilled meat takes on a powerful taste which will make your mouth water.
Canton-style spareribs, fried rice with egg 16,00€
Marinated and coated with honey, the spareribs take on a vivid brown-red colour. Enough to take your taste buds to paradise.
Spareribs with King-Tou sauce 16,00€
Delicious roasted spareribs topped by the famous King-Tou sauce.
Pork fritters in sweet and sour sauce 16,00€
A legendary dish. The sweet and sour sauce lightly covers the little pork fritters and their pineapple pearls, spring onions and diced peppers.
Babi Pangang 16,00€
Thinly sliced Lacquered pork on a bed of Chinese cabbage 17,00€
Beef slices with Tao-Si sauce 17,00€
This dish, though sweetened with an assortment of tender vegetables, is spicy and sensual. You won’t resist it.
Beef slices in spicy sauce 17,00€
This dish is served with peanuts and the famous saté sauce.
Beef slices with Chinese mushrooms 17,00€
A traditionnal dish from Canton.