Peking duck 19,00€
A traditionnal dish from Canton.
Duck with chinese mushrooms 19,00€
Those delightful Chinese mushrooms have been grown for more than a thousand years in southern China. Their strong and smoked taste adds a very special flavour to this dish. For your pleasure, the duck meat fills with sauce, taking a delicious consistency.
Duck with sliced fresh pineapple 19,00€
The king of the lakes pairs with the delicately acid and pulpy sun fruit to bring out a powerful sweet and sour duet.
Duck with sliced fresh orange 19,00€
Duck with red curry 19,00€
Dices of duck in black pepper 19,00€
Black pepper finds here an excellent opportunity to express its typical exotic flavour.
Whole Peking duck 105,00€
(in 3 services for 2-3 persons)