La Cité du Dragon

A real palace of Eastern gastronomy, in which the charms of’ a beautiful 1923 villa are enhanced by the magnificence and refinement of Asia, the Cité du Dragon welcomes you among its splendours and its aquatic garden noted as among the most enchanting in the land. With impressive windows, original woodwork, wall paintings, rare antiquities, and an amazing aquarium on which the visitor walks, the Cité du Dragon effortlessly unites reminiscences of age-old imperial art with contemporary design.

An extraordinary garden

The view of the garden is a fabulous voyage in itself; 3000 m² of luxuriant vegetation, concealed walkways and abundant fountains, and imposing marble statues dispersed between parasols and nature. During the summer, you can dine by the lagoon where the famous koi frolic, majestic multicoloured carp that accompany you along a culinary promenade through the many delights of a Chinese gastronomy combining flavour, originality and refinement.

An exceptional kitchen

Over the years, our gastronomic vocation has been strengthened by the eternal quest for authenticity to which we remain devoted. To our original Cantonese cuisine, we have now added the expertise of a former head chef of the Chinese Embassy, in order to better fulfil the requirements of our Chinese guests from the North, businesspeople and diplomats. In addition to the traditional dishes, our chefs are capable of satisfying on order the most demanding gourmets by designing personalised menus for them. According to their wishes, we offer creations that are deliciously inventive as well as spectacular in their presentation.