Summer spring rolls with pork and scampi 10,00€
Délicieux rouleau à base de galette de riz fourré de porc, scampi et de la menthe fraîche.
The three cold starters from the north 10,00€
Seaweed salad with sesame seeds, Crunchy cloud mushrooms with rice vinegar X.O., Setchuan-style chicken.
Scampi salad with fresh mint 12,00€
Unexpected and wonderfully refreshing !
Squid salad 9,00€
Salad from the sea consisting of squid, crunchy vegetables, under a mist of sesame seeds which will stimulate the most subtle of palates.
Spicy beef salad 9,00€
A hot and spicy salad mixing the wild flavour of mint with the sweetness of tomatoes and cucumbers.