Crunchy Starters
Dish of crunchy starters 13,00€
A splendid bouquet of golden flowers from the seas and the land, consisting of mashed scampi on sugar cane skewer , prawn toast, and spring roll.
Imperial tray (for 2 persons) 34,00€
Large tray consisting of a harmonious choice of our starters : chicken on skewer with peanut sauce, happy rocks, spring roll and prawn salad with fresh mint.
Spring rolls with pork, prawn and crab 10,00€
Every year in early spring, an old Chinese tradition is to eat spring rolls filled with fresh soya bean sprouts. The seafood and the meat add a refined taste to this dish.
Fried wan-ton in sweet and sour sauce 8,00€
Small fresh pastries filled with pork, and fried with a bouquet of fresh vegetables.
Chicken on skewer with peanut sauce 8,00€
The most tender pieces of the chicken have been chosen for the exquisite preparation of this unforgettable dish.
Crunchy scampi with salt and pepper 13,00€
Egg rolls with vegetables and scampi 10,00€