Steamed Starters
Guardian angels of the "Cite du Dragon" 9,00€
Steamed prawns raviolis.
Pekin-style ravioli in Yin-Yang 9,00€
Filled with pork and shrimp, the fresh ginger spiced ravioli are steamed and served with soya sauce.Yin is tender, soft, dark and feminine. Yang is hard, strong, brilliant and masculine. In this dish, Yin and Yang come together in harmony.
"Dim-Sum" basket 10,00€
A selected assortment of steamed starters : shrimp dumpling, chicken dumpling, Siu-Mai, vegetables dumpling, duck dumpling and Peking-style ravioli.
Peking duck dumpling 9,00€
All the flavours of this famous classical dish in a soft steamed jacket.
Chicken dumpling 9,00€
A delicate mixture of chicken and vegetables wrapped in a tiny rice jacket.