Spiced chicken with cashew nuts 15,00€
The cashew nut is shaped like the crescent of the moon; it’s tender and has a musky perfume which gives a spicy taste to this particularly exotic dish.This dish was invented by a Setchuannese mandarin at the end of the Tching Dynasty.
Curried chicken with coconut milk 15,00€
In China, everything is a symbol. The king of all birds is the Phoenix, a sign of prosperity and wealth, represented in Chinese cuisine by the chicken. In this dish, the chicken, the curry and the coconut milk are in harmony with each other, in a typical Chinese bowl.
Green curried chicken 16,00€
Chicken fritters with sweet and sour sauce 15,00€
These chicken fritters are coated with a tasty sweet and sour sauce, a classic.
Caramelised chicken with lemon grass 16,00€
Chicken and chinese mushrooms in a pan 15,00€
Chinese mushrooms and the perfume of ginger give this dish a delicious glitter.
Chicken with Tao-Si sauce and basilicum (Teppan) 16,00€
This dish with plenty of flavors will charm you both by its simplicity and its genuineness.
Minced quail on a bed of chunchy vermicelli 18,00€
Soyabean cheese ma po tofu 16,00€
Consists of diced scampi, beef and soyabean cheese, sprinkled with small vegetables. Delicately spiced, tasty and nourishing, this dish is a sophisticated version of a preparation created by grandma Ch’eng, who sold soya bean cheese at a street corner called Chengdu (Setchuan), hence the name « Ma Po Dofu » (Mother Ma Po’s soya bean cheese).