Steamed starters
Siu mai with pork and prawn 7,50 €
Stuffed pasties, steamed.

Pekin-style ravioli (with fresh ginger)

7,50 €
Meat steamed and flavoured with fresh ginger.An old Chinese saying is : «Before going to bed, eat radish ; after getting up, eat ginger ». This saying has its origins in the belief that radish helps to digest, whereas ginger gives you an appetite.

Ravioli with prawns, pork and water chestnuts

8,00 €
Steamed and stuffed with a fine mixture of meat, seafood and water chestnuts.

Pekin-style ravioli in Yin Yang

8,00 €
First steamed and afterwards pan-fried, the ravioli are served with a soya sauce with fresh ginger in it.Yin is tender, soft, dark and feminine.Yang is hard, strong, brilliant and masculine.In this dish, Yin and Yang come together in harmony

« Dim Sum » basket

8,00 €
An assortment of steamed starters : siu mai, Pekin-style ravioli, ravioli with prawns, pork and water chestnuts, ravioli with prawns and bamboo shoots.

Foil-wrapped salmon with a light soya sauce

8,55 €
Steamed in a foil shaped like a swan, this subtle dish is served with a light seasoning which gives it a delicious fresh taste.

Scallops-in-shells with chives & garlic

12,65 €