Crunchy starters
Thinly sliced grilled beef 9,50 €
After marinating with exotic herbs,the small beef rolls are grilled. The delicate fish sauce we serve with this dish gives it a typical savour.
Chicken sate with tender curry 6,40 €
Brochette of chicken breast with rare spices which will take you on a voyage of discovery to a country full of mystery and charm.
The dish of crunchy starters 12,50 €
A splendid bouquet of golden flowers from the seas and the earth, consisting of a cane stick wrapped in a dressing with prawns, prawns on a toast and a spring roll.
Imperial tray (for two persons) 32,30 €
Large tray consisting of a harmonious choice of our starters : cane stick wrapped in a dressing with prawns, spring roll, China sea’s smile(scampi wrapped up in a crunchy crêpes), and prawn salad with fresh mint.
Spring rolls with pork, prawn and crab 7,50 €
An old Chinese tradition is, every year in early spring, to eat spring rolls filled with fresh soyabean sprouts. The seafood & the meat add a refined taste to this dish.
Prawns on toasts with quail eggs 11,20 €
A crunchy little treasure… The prawns and the fried quail eggs go particularly well together.
Fried Wan-Ton with sweet and sour sauce 6,40 €
Small fried pastries filled with pork and a bouquet of fresh vegetables.
Hors-d'oeŒuvre variés (soya croquette and sate) 7,50 €
A classical dish that doesn’t need any comment.
Half moon lobster with fresh tomatoes ( for 2), per person 23,00 €
The Cardinal of the seas in his most beautiful robe !