pork’s belly with crispy skin 13,50 €
Cripy on the outside and tender inside, the pork’s belly is served with a delicious plum sauce. Sweet and sour at the same time, this tasty sauce goes perfectly with the meat and also contains apricot, hot spices and vinegar, which explains its ravishing brown-red colour.
pork’s belly with vegetables 13,50 €
The favourite piece for this dish is the pork’s belly, which Chinese people call « five-flower » pork. Served with a fine drizzle of vegetables ……
grilled spareribs with garlic and pepper 13,50 €
Flavoured with garlic and pepper, this grilled meat takes on a powerful taste which will make your mouth water.
canton-style spareribs 13,50 €
Marinated and coated with honey, the spareribs take on a vivid brown-red colour. Enough to take your taste buds to paradise !
pork fillet setchuan-style 12,00 €
The Setchuan cooks are unequalled when it comes to giving a « soul » to simple dishes. Here for your enjoyment, they created contrasts between sweet and savoury, sour and pungent ingredients, served with sweet sesame oil and its rich and walnut taste.
pork fritters in sweet and sour sauce 12,00 €
A legendary dish . The sweet and sour sauce lightly covers the little pork fritters and their « pineapple pearls », spring onions and diced peppers.
beef slices with perfumed chinese mushrooms 13,50 €
The pronouced taste of the Chinese mushrooms confers to this dish its exotic nature.
beef slices in tao-si sauce 12,85 €
This dish, though sweeten with an assortment of tender vegetables, is spicy and sensual. You won’t resist it.
beef slices in spicy sauce 12,85 €
This dish is served with a sauce of crushed prawns, peanuts and hot peppers and the famous sate sauce. It is very difficult for the Chinese man to imagine picking up his chopsticks without a small bowl of sate sauce near his elbow. Always present in Chinese cooking, nothing can replace it.
imperial assortment 14,45 €
A suite of prawns, beef slices, lacquered pork dice, with a subtle selection of vegetables. A kingdom of savours to be discovered !