Scampi salad with fresh mint 11,50 €
Refined, unexpected and wonderfully refreshing !
Salad of lobster with mango, pineapple and fine celery (minimum 2 persons) 24,00 €
The mango and the pineapple, cut into fine sticks in order to exhale all their exotic flavours, confer a particular freshness to the delicate shellfish.
Crisp salad with soya sprouts and chicken 6,00 €
The tender chicken breasts, finely sliced, are served with delicious crunchy soyabean sprouts. This is a very light dish, the flavour of which is brought ourt by an additional touch of spices.
Spicy salad with beef slices 9,60 €
A small, spicy salad in which te freshness of the mint, the tenderness of the tomato and of the cucumbers will allow you to appreciate the fire of the peppers.