Spiced chicken with cashew nuts 12,50 €
Crescent-shaped, the cashew nut is tender and has a musky flavour which gives an exotic taste to this spicy dish. It was invented by a Setchuanese mandarin at the end of the Tching Dynasty.
Chicken breast with curry 12,00 €
Slices of tender chicken, baked with bamboo sprouts in a veil of curry.
Fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce 12,00 €
Crusty slices of chicken with a slightly acid sauce.
Juicy chicken with coriander 13,00 €
A chicken leg is macerated in a sauce flavoured with coriander, then it is steamed and becomes deliciousely tender and juicy. It is served with spring onions and fresh coriander leaves.
Chicken chop suey 12,00 €
A typical dish, very much appreciated for its crunchy vegetables.
Canton-style quails 14,00 €
Coated with honey, the quails are served with noodles and a flattering five-spice sauce (Setchuan pepper, cinnamon, fennel, cloves and anise).
Chopped quails on a bed of crunchy vermicelli 15,00 €
In a bowl of green salad, a symbol of wealth in China, the quails are served, chopped into small squares and decorated with Chinese mushrooms and water chestnuts