Fried noodles with chicken 12,00 €
Fried noodles with scampi 15,00 €
Fried noodles with chicken, beef and scampi 15,50 €
Fried noodles with eggs (to be served with your dishes) 5,00 €
Rice vermicelli Singapore-style 14,00 €
Spiced with a touch of curry, the rice vermicelli are served with an escrt of scampi, beef and chicken.
Soyabean cheese Ma Po Dofu 14,00 €
Consists of diced scampi, beef and soyabean cheese, sprinkled with small vegetables. Delicately spiced, tasty and nourishing, this dish is a sophiscated version of a preparation created by grandma Ch’eng, who sold soyabean cheese at a streetcorner named Chengdu (Setchuan), hence the name « Ma Po Dofu » (Mother Ma Po’s Soyabean cheese)