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La Cité du Dragon

In the very heart of the land since 1987, the Cité du Dragon, a palace with the vast dimensions of Asian restaurants, abounds with riches like the splendours of Imperial China and is centred around an aquatic garden where everything invites you to a distant land: tropical plants and hanging gardens, mandarin ducks and multicoloured carp, the famous koi, the veritable queens of the premises.

An outstanding restaurant

In an enchanting setting, the Dragon appears in flamboyant gold amidst antique furniture, precious objets d’art and wall paintings where sumptuous scenes of animals and landscapes evoke tales and legends in the light from a single spectacular window.

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An exceptional kitchen

The flavours offered are such a festival for the senses that the culinary pleasures equal the visual ones. It is a true ambassador of an age-old gastronomy, but innovation also has its place, and ensures that new culinary harmonies are explored through a constantly updated menu.